Personalized Learning: Anytime, Anywhere

With 50 national awards of excellence in college readiness, PREPWORKS® is the leader in personalized learning and adaptive technology. Our passion for technology and student achievement drives the development of our technology and our content, as we are committed to change the way students learn and achieve on standardized assessments. We proudly serve students across 47 states, 76 countries, as well as hundreds of schools and organizations. Our courses are available on any internet-ready device, so you can access your custom-tailored learning experience whenever and wherever you are. Begin at school, finish at home. No downloads, no apps to load, just log in and learn!


With PREPWORKS® Your Best Score is Guaranteed


With a historical track record of success, we extend PREPWORKS® Score Guarantee to help our students achieve their personal best academic scores.

Historical Success

  • Average 5 point increase on the ACT
  • Average 300 point increase on the SAT
  • 29% score increase on EOCs

PREPWORKS® Score Guarantee

  • 3 point increase on the ACT
  • 200 point increase on the SAT
  • Minimum passing score on the EOC

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Meet Our Learning Positioning System® with Infused Human Intelligence®

Winner of Tech & Learning “ISTE Best of Show” three years in a row — 2015, 2016, & 2017, PREPWORKS® Learning Positioning System (LPS) translates the science of one-to-one tutoring to an adaptive, online platform.

PREPWORKS® LPS provides each student with the virtual experience of an expert tutor, as LPS continuously measures the student’s performance and potential in a given lesson to adjust content, style, sequencing, and level of difficulty at every turn. Additionally, all content provided by PREPWORKS® LPS is designed for 21st century assessments and tested on all mobile devices.

PREPWORKS® LPS is the educational equivalent of a GPS navigation system, locating a learner on a given path and re-calculating each learner in real-time to deliver trillions of Personalized Learning Paths to serve the needs of each learner in a given lesson.

PREPWORKS® LPS is a multi-award winning tool for both first-time delivery and remediation. Redefining effective courseware, supplements and test preparation, PREPWORKS® LPS technology combines all three elements into a dynamic and personalized learning environment unique to meet the needs of every learner.


Real-Time Reports

We track and measure your performance, mastery, and time-spent in real-time. Use these tools to help quantify your success and help you gain confidence as you learn.